Custom Pitchfix Hat Clip

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Custom Pitchfix Hat Clips and How They Can Be A Great Giveaway

Companies in recent years have had to switch up their marketing to new, more unconventional methods using social media to get their brand name and message out there. One common method though that still brings in plenty of people are giveaways. While commonly people give out products such as clothing or cups, try a unique giveaway such as a custom Pitchfix hat clip from These unique golf clips will be something you won't usually see in a giveaway and will attract more customers than usual.

When giving away a custom Pitchfix hat clip, you have many different methods you could do so. Consider sending them out to customers that might have ordered long ago, but they might have forgotten about your company so when they receive them, they could check out what products your company knows has for sale. Additionally, you could offer these clips with other bonuses as first-come/first-serve prizes for the first customers to order during a period so while you might run out of clips from customers buying them included with products first, many will still consider purchasing afterward since they came anyways for the clip. These giveaway methods are a great starting point in what you can do to build your business.

While we've gone over how-to giveaway a custom Pitchfix hat clip, it's worth bringing up what they exactly are for those who might not be in the know. These clips attach to a hat and once removed, can be stuck in the ground where a golf ball was landed to mark the position of a golf ball so you could possibly come back later to continue the hole where you left off or to clean off the ball. Whatever the reason is, any golf player would be glad to have a custom Pitchfix hat clip.

Custom Pitchfix Hat Clip