Which Golf Ball Is Best For Me?

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It can be difficult to choose the right golf ball. The market is huge, so it can be tough to know where to start. With that in mind, we’ve put together this guide to give you a helping hand and get you posting scores lower than ever. We’ll try and keep the golf jargon to a minimum, but here’s a breakdown of some we will be using, just so you can get the most from our advice.


This number is the barometer of a golfer’s ability level, the lower the handicap the more skilled the player.

  • 0/scratch - 10 = advanced golfers
  • 11 - 20 = intermediate golfers
  • 21+ = beginners golfers


Categorized into low, mid, or high – each spin factor brings differing benefits. Low spin for distance and forgiveness, high spin offers little forgiveness but ultimate control, and mid is a balance between the two.

  • High spin for advanced players
  • Mid spin for intermediate players
  • Low spin for beginner players

Golf Ball Construction

Put simply, golf balls have numerous layers – referred to as pieces. The more pieces the better the golfer – a good measure is:

  • 2 pieces for beginners
  • 2-3 pieces for intermediate
  • 3-5 pieces for advanced

Soft & Hard Golf Balls

Every golf ball will feel slightly different when it strikes the clubface, either hard or soft. A soft golf ball helps add distance, whereas a harder ball provides greater control.

  • Hard golf balls are more suitable for advanced golfers
  • Soft golf balls are aimed at beginners

Best Golf Balls for Beginners

As a beginner, the main attribute you should be looking for in a golf ball is forgiveness.  Something that offers a straighter ball flight, reduced spin, added distance, and greater control with your putter. A 2-piece soft construction ball will help beginners find fairways, hit greens, and avoid those dreaded three-putts.

Expert recommended golf ball for beginners:

  1. TaylorMade Distance Plus 

Best Golf Balls for Intermediate Players

Golf balls that are ideal for intermediate golfers tend to be constructed with 2 or more layers, have a medium spin rate, and feel more firm. These traits will gradually reduce forgiveness, but provide the golfer with greater control over the outcome of their shots.

Expert recommended golf balls for intermediate players:

  1. Bridgestone e12 Contact 
  2. TaylorMade Tour Response

Best Golf Balls for Advanced Golfers

Low handicap golfers should be seeking a hard, high spin golf ball constructed of 3-5 pieces. This will provide exactly what the advanced golfer requires – ultimate control to generate the spin needed to position the ball exactly where they’ve visualized, refining their game and reducing their score.

Expert recommended golf balls for advanced golfers:

  1. Titleist Pro V1
  2. Callaway Chrome Soft
  3. TaylorMade TP5

Best Golf Balls for Distance

If you’re looking for a golf ball to help improve your distance, you’re likely a beginner. To help you start hitting bombs, you’ll need a golf ball constructed of two layers because they have the largest cores and this is where the power is generated from.

Expert recommended golf balls for distance:

  1. Titleist Pro V1x
  2. Callaway SuperSoft

Best Golf Balls for a Slice

The notorious round-ruining shot that plagues many golfers around the world – the dreaded slice. Spin is a huge factor in the severity of this horrible-looking shot – to get you on the path to a straighter ball flight, a low spin golf ball is a must!

Expert recommended golf balls for slice improvement: 

  1. Nitro Max Distance 
  2. Srixon Soft Feel

Best Golf Ball for Short Game

Becoming a wizard of the short game will drastically improve your scores. A golf ball that offers high spin and is constructed of 3 or more layers increases the amount of backspin you can add to your shots, enabling the ball to zip back across the green and closer to the pin.

 Expert recommended short game golf balls: 

  1. Titleist Pro V1
  2. TaylorMade Tour Response

A high-performing golf ball at a friendly price point is what the average golfer should be looking for – at 2 for $35, the TaylorMade Distance Plus is our recommendation.

The perfect all-rounder, whether you’re playing with friends or getting competitive in professional tournament play, the Distance Plus gives the ideal balance between distance, feel, forgiveness, control, and durability. They’ll have you playing your very best golf, consistently – and 24 balls for just $35 is exceptional value!


We’re Here to Help You Choose the Right Golf Ball

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