4 Factors to Consider When Buying Your Rangefinder

Before rangefinders were essentials for playing golf, landmarks were used in order to measure yardage. There was even a time when there was a belief that if you want to get better at estimating distances, you should play golf. Now, modern golf players are using rangefinders in their games, and for good reason.

First, rangefinders can easily find the flag without relying on landmarks and other tools which were used before. Modern rangefinders generally use GPS and laser technology to make things easier and to make the games more enjoyable. Because they are more accurate and have more features such as detecting the slope and the wind, finding the flag has never been easier. If you're planning to buy your own rangefinder, here are some factors to consider.

Golfing Experience

Your golfing experience is an important indicator of buying a rangefinder. Typically, those who are more experienced at golf tend to need more features. This is because experienced golfers have already developed their techniques, and certain features of a rangefinder can be useful for their decision making.

Meanwhile, beginners tend to practice their swings first before fine-tuning their techniques. This is where a rangefinder is essential. Accurate findings make a beginner practice more on swinging because he or she can focus on the swing.

Your Rangefinder Budget

Your budget for a rangefinder is also important in finding the right product. A lot of golfers like to use laser rangefinders because of their accuracy and other features. In the past, these rangefinders usually cost between $500 to $600. However, because of technological advantages, there are good models now available at a $150 - $250 range.

Your budget should depend on what kind of features you're looking for. If you need more features, the costlier choice might be the best for you. Meanwhile, if you're just looking for the basic, then it is okay to trip your budget. One such example of a cheap but feature-rich rangefinder is the Precision Pro Nexus which can be found at MyCustomGolfBall.com. It is available for $220.49 and is known for ease of use and water resistance, and is tournament-legal. You can also customize your model when ordered from Custom Golf Ball rangefinders.

Review From Real Golfers

How would you know if a model is good or if it is all good looks? One of the most reliable ways of finding the best rangefinders is to look for reviews online. Reviews from real golfers are great benchmarks to know if the product is for you or not. More positive reviews mean you'll likely have no problem with the device. It will all boil down to actual experience, but reviews can filter out what models are worth your time.


You can customize your rangefinder if you want more personality in your gears. This can grab the attention of other players, which is good, especially if you're playing with a prospective business partner. Custom Golf Ball rangefinders offer customizing services for as low as $5, a small price to pay to get your brand out there.