Callaway Superfast Balls

The Eta Carina star is the brightest star in the Milky Way, just like neon Callaway Superfast balls are the brightest balls on any golf course. These aren’t called Superfast for no reason. They leverage the highest core and aerodynamic technologies available. The neon colors are an added bonus. Become the brightest player on the golf course with a personalized Superfast Callaway golf ball.  

What Makes Callaway Great?  

Callaway golf balls are known for their speed and dexterity on and off the tee. In their early days, Callaway started manufacturing golf clubs. They made a name for themselves with the “Big Bertha” driver in 1991. Their first golf balls were the Rule 35 and HX series. Both balls were constructed with a multi-layer design that reduced drag and provided longer and more stable flights.  

Today, Callaway has created even more products that are designed to enhance the players' performance on the course. MyCustomGolfBall carries a wide range of Callaway golf balls, such as the Supersoft, Hex Diablo, Warbird, and of course Superfast. Each ball variety was specifically designed to enhance an aspect of your golf game. If you have a question concerning the best Callaway product for you, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team, so they can direct you to your ideal golf ball.  

Using MyCustomGolfBall’s Personalizing Studio  

Our design studio is the place where you make the golf ball shine. There is no other place where you can design a golf ball like MyCustomGolfBall. Watch the instructional video before customizing, so you can use the design studio to its fullest potential. Create and add your masterpiece on either both sides or one side of the ball. You can select from pre-loaded images or use your own. You can edit your text, color, font, and look of any image that you choose. Experiment with different designs until you create your perfect golf ball. The design studio provides a rainbow of colors and choices. Imagine a golf game where you have all the power.