Cheap Custom Golf Balls Are Perfect For One-On-One Marketing

Affordable Business Promotion

Promote your business locally for less with cheap custom golf balls, a smart alternative to more expensive promotional items and a great way to reach people you might not be able to reach with other forms of advertising. Cheap custom golf balls are the perfect choice to hand out at a trade show or use in your own golf tournament. And that's just the beginning.

Many businesses devote their advertising and promotional budget solely to traditional forms of advertising, including newspapers, magazines, radio and television. While these methods work well, they're very expensive. That's why many companies also promote their products and services face-to-face at conferences, festivals, industry events, and their own competitions and tournaments.

Make a Unique Impression

In the past, businesses have handed out pens, keychains, bottle openers and other useful little trinkets. It can be hard to make an impression, however, when your promotional items are just like everyone else's. Cheap custom golf balls are handouts that gets attention because of their uniqueness. They're great conversation pieces for a desk or shelf, and they make an even more positive impression when you're able to place one or more of these items in the hands of a golfer.

People sometimes use promotional keychains and usually use pens that they've picked up at events, but few people see the company name and logo other than the recipient. When you hand out cheap custom golf balls, your gift's logo might be seen in the office and on the course.

Find the Ideal Event to Promote

Increase the chances of your cheap custom golf balls being well-received by choosing carefully where you distribute them. An ideal situation to hand them out would be at a golf tournament. You can host or sponsor a tournament of your own or set up a table or booth at events held at courses in your service area. A golf tournament can even be a way for your employees and clients to get to know each other informally, enhancing bonds and strengthening your business.

You don't have to go to the trouble and expense of creating or sponsoring an event to promote your company with cheap custom golf balls, however. You can choose a more informal approach and achieve just as much success.

Promote Casually

For promotion without hassle, simply give a supply of your cheap custom golf balls to your clients and employees who play golf for them to pass around. Of course, you can also personally distribute your promotional golf balls to friends, family and players you encounter. You might even develop a reputation as the one at the local course who can always provide a free ball or two.


In business, being different can get you noticed. Lots of people hand out coasters, koozies and even t-shirts, but few hand out golf balls. Be different. Be bold. Have a bit of fun. Try handing out cheap custom golf balls at your next event, and be the company everyone's talking about.