Custom GPS Smart Marker Promotional Tool Ideas

Get Useful and Accurate Readings

The custom GPS Smart Marker is the perfect promotional gift for all your marketing needs. Not only functional and useful while golfing, but this marker will also become the prized item that people will be lining up for at your next trade show booth. Utilizing GPS technology and connecting with your smart phone, these GPS Smart Marker chips enable the golfer to locate the distance to the center of the green and track shots with instant audio feedback. Able to be used at over 60,000 golf courses worldwide, the compatible Golf GPS Voice App and Golf GPS App are easy to use and affordable compared to other products on the market.

Stand Out with Customization

Customizing the custom GPS Smart Marker is what makes this the perfect promotional tool; you are giving away something that your client is going to use every time he or she steps on the golf course, and when they use it, they will remember who they got it from. It is so simple to have your corporate logo placed on the marker, and when you hand the marker to a future customer or a beloved client, you are giving away more than just a business card, you are giving them something with a purpose, something that makes their life easier, and possibly their golf game better!

Promote Your Brand

So, what are some marketing or promotional ideas for the Custom GPS Smart Marker? One idea would be handing them out as a gift bag giveaway during a corporate golf retreat. Another idea is to give them as end of the year gifts for high achieving employees. Holding a promotional social media contest involving the marker is another popular idea. But even if you’re just handing the Custom GPS Smart Marker away at your trade show booth, remember that you’re not only handing that person a functional piece of technology, but you’re handing them a part of your corporate identity as well.