Custom Logo on Golf Balls

Don’t start off your golf game with a regular white golf ball. Catch the eye of everyone with a custom logo on your golf balls. MyCustomGolfBall is the place to design your custom logo with our 30 years of experience. The best way to catch the eye of your customers is to create an unforgettable logo. You must consider every aspect of the logo to make sure your customers respond positively. Keep on reading to learn how to create a fantastic golf ball with a custom logo.   

Craft The Right Message 

Your company’s logo can be the first, and last, image that a customer sees. Your customers see logos and pictures all day, and you have to stand out. Think about the best aspects of your product or service and make that the focus of your logo. Before you get started, think about the message you want to send with your image. Do you have a recognized mascot or image that represents your brand? If you do, that is something that you can use on the golf ball. 

The next step is to think about the color scheme and type of font. These aspects carry a lot of meaning when your customers first see your logo. Don't squish too many words or images together to make an incomprehensible mess. When it comes to designs, simpler is often better. The last thing to worry about is the golf ball’s size. Your logo will take up very little of the golf ball’s space. With these ideas in mind, you are ready to take on the design studio. 

Design Your Own Golf Ball  

When you first get to the design studio, create a list of your favorite photos or quotes. These photos or quotes can be the foundation of your logo. Import each photo into the design studio and play around with the editing tools. Create enough drafts for the logos you have in mind. Make the image pop or fade with a complimentary background color. If you can’t decide on a logo, you can add text to any golf ball.  

Most golf balls are compatible with the design studio. If you need a ball for distance, spin, or control we have you covered. Here at MyCustomGolfBall, we carry the top golf brands and specialized golf balls. You can have the best of both worlds with a long-distance ball with your favorite quote on it. So, what’s stopping you from breaking away from the crowd and standing out? Check out MyCustomGolfBall today!