Custom Made Golf Balls

Have you been waiting to customize premium golf equipment exactly how you want without breaking the bank? Well, we’ve got exciting news for you! Here at MyCustomGolfBall, you can easily and affordably make your own high quality custom-made golf balls. Let us help you get started on your dream. You can be rest assured that with our commitment to excellence you can tee up and shine on the course at your next round.   

Elevate Your Golf Experience 

The first golf balls were called featherie. The outer shell was leather and inside was stuffed with goose feathers. James Melvill had a 21-year patent on the featherie and could make approximately 4 a day. The leather outside shell evolved into the gutta-percha shell. Gutta-percha is a form of latex that allowed for the game of golf to gain popularity because they could be mass-produced. Thankfully, golfers no longer have to play with featherie or gutta-percha golf balls. We’ve evolved and today’s golf balls are made from rubber or urethane. The different golf ball covers help with distance or spin on the golf course. Here at MyCustomGolfBall, we carry a large selection of golf balls from the top brands so you can find the one that fits you. If you have questions about ball selection, contact our customer service team for help.  

Golf Balls for Everyone 

Need gift ideas for a golf-loving friend, coworker, or family member? MyCustomGolfBall is here to help! Custom made golf balls are the best gift to give. Get creative and include their name, a funny phrase, or a priceless photo. They'll feel good every time they hit the course. It's the kind of present that forges closer relationships amongst golf enthusiasts and will definitely bring out huge smiles and genuine appreciation. So why not get started? 

Pairing MyCustomGolfBall’s years of experience and your imagination, you will make a statement on the green. Elevate your golf game with our custom golf ball services.