Custom Printed Golf Balls

Many golfers, both amateur and professional, are quite passionate about playing the game, and no matter what their level of experience may be, most of these golfers would enjoy utilizing custom printed golf balls.

While many golfers purchase these balls for themselves, they also make great gifts for anyone with an interest in golfing. Custom printed golf balls are an excellent vehicle for advertising any type of business, and they also serve well as promotional items or souvenirs from corporate functions.

Quick and Easy Online Process

In today's fast-paced world, it is no longer necessary to physically visit a printing facility to acquire custom printed golf balls. The entire printing, purchasing and shipping process can now be done online, quickly and easily.

When custom printed golf balls are being ordered, the minimum order size is usually one dozen balls. Balls can be personalized with almost any type of text, so long as it's not offensive or questionable.

Affordable and Diverse

Custom printed golf balls are fun and memorable products, and they are usually quite reasonably priced.

Generally, golf balls can be personalized with up to three lines of text, and can be ordered with single or double-sided prints. Text colors such as red, green, blue and black are often available, however text that is copyrighted or trademarked cannot be printed. The golf balls themselves are often available in a range of different colors.

Monogrammed balls are another form of custom printed golf balls that are frequently used by individuals, as well as numerous organizations. Ordinarily, two or three letter initials are used to form monograms for golf balls.

Many people are now ordering custom printed golf balls that feature different types of photos. Images of people, animals, motor vehicles and buildings are just some of the subjects that people now have printed on golf balls.

When people want to have their favorite images printed on golf balls, they can now easily do so by simply uploading the desired images onto website templates. As with text and monograms, images can be printed on one side or two sides of the balls.

Available for Many Groups

Sports teams, businesses, fraternal organizations, schools, municipalities and chambers of commerce are just some of the groups that may order custom printed golf balls.


Whether they are being used on the golf course, displayed as mementos, or distributed as marketing tools, custom printed golf balls are functional and memorable items that people enjoy using and receiving as gifts.