Custom Tees for Golf

Tees are an important part of your golf game. Tees set up the framework of your entire golf game. MyCustomGolfBall offers custom tees for every golfer in your life. Personalized golf tees from MyCustomGolfBall could be exactly what you’re looking for! Personalized tees come in different styles and colors and can be customized with whatever words or designs to make them special. The best look for your tees are horizontal images or quotes. With several features designed specifically with golfers in mind, they are sure to give your game an edge both on and off the course. Let's explore all of the incredible benefits of investing in personalized golf tees! 

Wooden vs. Plastic Tees 

Wooden and plastic golf tees are the most popular options for teeing off. Wooden tees are usually more durable and provide more stability than plastic, but plastic tees may be more flexible when hit. Wooden tees are typically more expensive than plastic but are more durable in windy or wet conditions. Plastic tees are much lighter than wood and can provide a more uniform ball height. They can also be easier to find and are usually easier to transport. Generally, the decision between plastic and wood tees depends on the user's preference and what they need when teeing off. Regardless of which tee works best for you,  MyCustomGolfBall has you covered. 

The Benefits of Choosing MyCustomGolfBall  

MyCustomGolfBall is the right place to create custom golf tees. With our handy design studio, you can add any text to our high-quality tees with a huge variety of colors and fonts to pick and choose from. We ship in 3 days or less, so you'll be out on the fairway with your personalized tees in no time. Personalizing your golf gear has never been easier, so why not take advantage of this opportunity? With MyCustomGolfBall’s customized golf tees, you’ll be the best golfer on the green!