Custom Wooden Golf Tees

Is there a better feeling than confidently stepping to the tee box and hitting a perfect shot with a custom wooden golf tee? MyCustomGolfBall’s printing services are not limited to customized golf balls. At MyCustomGolfBall, you can personalize anything that you can think of, including wooden golf tees. Take a page from the best and visit our design studio to see how you can create your own wooden golf tee.  Don’t delay, start customizing with MyCustomGolfBall today!     

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Tees 

Most older golfers first started playing with wooden tees. Today, golfers have a wider range of tees to choose from. The advantages of wooden tees are: different tee colors make them stand out from the grass, can be pushed into the ground without breaking, and can be inexpensive. Along with their advantages, there are some disadvantages associated with wooden tees. With tees with natural wood grain colors, they can be harder to spot amongst the green. Brightly colored tees can leave colored marks on the grass that you have to rub off. Finally, drier weather can break wooden tees more easily. Tee preference is unique to every golfer, much like your preference for certain golf ball brands and other necessary equipment. The best thing about wooden tees from MyCustomGolfBall is that they’re customizable and come in a variety of sizes.  

Make Every Tee the One to Remember 

Come design your personalized golf tee with the MyCustomGolfBall design studio! Our simple to use design studio allows you to unleash your creative side with ease. Choose your font and color then add your text – simple as that! You can imprint your initials, team name, motivational quote, or inside joke on the tee. When you’re done with the design, you can preview the tee to make sure everything is correct and looks great. Share your design on social media to get your friend’s opinion. We will ship right to your doorstep in 3-5 business days. What are you waiting for? Express your personality at your next round with MyCustomGolfBall today!