Customizable Golf Tees

The golf industry and the game itself changes constantly. To stay competitive, it is essential to have both the latest equipment and up-to-date knowledge. One aspect of golf that has changed very little since golf’s modern beginnings is golf tees. Today, the most common tees are either plastic or wooden. Bring your golf tees to today’s day and age with MyCustomGolfBall.  

Wooden and Plastic Tees 

Wooden and plastic golf tees are both popular options for teeing off. Wooden tees are eco-friendly and very stiff, which is suitable for performance. Unfortunately, a strong drive when forced into hard turfs can easily break the tee. Plastic tees are durable and flexible, which means they are less likely to break. However, they do have a tendency to bend which can bring frustration when out on the course. Generally, the decision between plastic and wood tees comes down to personal preference. Neither one is better than the other, it’s entirely up to what the golfer prefers. Regardless of which tee works best for you,  MyCustomGolfBall has you covered. 

Create Your Very Own Golf Tees  

With our custom tees, you get the unbeatable duo of quality and durability with your own stamp of approval. Now that you know the differences between plastic and wooden tees, you can feel confident in the style that you choose. MyCustomGolfBall recognizes the benefits of both varieties. Make your way over to the design studio once you have chosen tees and know the text you want to add. You can add your name, a date, motivational message, whatever you want, the choice is yours! 

Personalizing your golf gear has never been easier, so why not take advantage of this opportunity? With our top tier products and simple customization process, it's clear to see why so many people are choosing MyCustomGolfBall to take their style to the next level.