Customized Pro V1 Golf Balls

What's the one thing every golfer wants in their bag? A shiny, new set of clubs? An awesome golf glove? Those are great things to have but let us tell you about something even better - customized set of Pro V1 Golf Balls! A customized Titelist Pro V1 golf ball is one of the most luxurious golf balls that you can find on any golf course. If you pair its extraordinary talents with MyCustomGolfBall’s services, you have already won. When you have your name or logo displayed on each ball before taking a shot, you'll feel officially boss-like! Read on to find out more about why upgrading to personalized Pro V1 Golf Balls is the way to go for serious golfers. 

Pro V1: The Ultimate Choice 

The Pro V1 was launched in 2000 and featured on the PGA Tour in Las Vegas. Golfers all around the world knew that the Pro V1 would change the game. Before the Pro V1, there were two distinct classes of golf balls. There were wound-core and solid-core balls. Wound-core balls were easier to control and had a large amount of spin. Solid-core balls were best for long distances. Unfortunately, golfers didn’t have the option to have a ball with both distance and spin. This is where the Pro V1 offered the best of both worlds. With its solid core construction, surlyn casing, and urethane cover, golfers could now achieve both distance and spin.  

Over the years, the Pro V1 has been optimized with a new high gradient core that provides more speed and spin. After each year, the Pro V1 adapts to the changing game of golf and continues to deliver excellent performance that leaves golfers wowed.  

Become a Champion with MyCustomGolfBall  

Now that you know the Pro V1 is the ball for you. You can create one designed just for you using our design studio. The innovative design studio allows you to create a custom ball with almost no limits. You can add the font, color, and image that you desire. The pre-loaded selection of images and colors are there to inspire you if you aren’t quite sure how to design your custom golf ball.  

Get started today on your very own masterpiece with MyCustomGolfBall!