Elevate Your Branding with Personalized Logo Golf Balls

Golf manufacturers develop and sell plain golf balls, but where is the excitement in that for consumers? MyCustomGolfBall brings the excitement and creates customized logo golf balls. Nothing could be more personal than a golf ball that features your own logo on it. A logo carries a lot of power. You can advertise your own business or show off an image that you created. We want you to feel proud when you let a golf ball soar through the air with your logo on it.  

Designing a Logo  

There are a lot of logo qualities that you have to consider when creating a logo. You will want an image that reflects you or your brand, leaves a lasting impression, and a positive impact on your audience. Here are a few tips below: 

  1. Color: Strong colors like blue and yellow convey authority and resilience. Softer hues can give off feelings of understanding and content. Pick colors that won’t blend in with the green grass.
  2. Figures: You can have real or fictional people in your logo. Make sure you have permission to use their likeliness if you are using a real person. Perhaps you want to use the outline of a person. Think about how the person should be posed.  
  3. Simplicity: Simple designs are more memorable and recognizable. You want to get your message across quickly to your customers. What will resonate well with your audience? 
  4. Versatile and Scalable: You want to ensure that your logo will look good on both a computer screen and a golf ball. It should be easily adaptable to different formats, both digital and print.  

    If you’re having trouble creating a logo, speak with a graphic designer or freelancer. They will have experience creating logos and can offer advice or even create a logo for you.  

    Your Logo in the Design Studio  

    Thankfully, adding a logo to a golf ball is much easier than designing thanks to MyCustomGolfBall. The first step is to choose your desired golf ball. Most golf balls can be customized, but some cannot, such as the logo overrun balls. Utilize our easy-to-use design studio and start customizing your own ball with dozens of colors, fonts, and images to pick from.  Customizing golf balls in bulk is a fantastic way to get your brand seen on different golf courses by different people. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team for help!