Logo Overrun Golf Balls

MyCustomGolfBall offers manufacturer logo overrun selections. Logo overrun products are new and unused balls in their original manufacturing packaging. Typically, these balls have the brand’s logo on them. MyCustomGolfBall supplies overruns from Callaway, Titleist, Srixon, Nitro, and more. Below are more details about each brand. 

Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Balls 

The Maximum Distance ball is made from a two-piece titanium core. The energy from your swing is transferred from the ball’s outer layer to the titanium core for maximum distance. Not an ounce of energy is wasted while this ball sails through the air. The symmetric dimple design decreases drag while increasing lift for a longer and higher shot. 

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball 

The Callaway Supersoft ball features a new hybrid cover and paraloid impact modifier. The multi-material construction allows it to combat any negative weather conditions. While playing with a wedge, you can feel more control over the ball. The soft feel increases the ball speed without giving up any advantages. 

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls 

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls are best for your short games. Their soft core is protected by a 4CE grafted cover. The 4CE was created by the best innovators at Titleist. The Tour Soft offers a leading soft feel for any golf game. 

Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls 

From tee to green, the Z-Star is the best mid-compression tour ball of Srixon’s entire product line. It provides an unmatched spin when you are aiming for the hole. The ball stops when it needs to and has a unique three-piece construction. The Z-Star is the ball for your next game. 

Logo overrun balls are best if you are looking to try a variety of golf ball specialties. MyCustomGolfBall offers logo overrun balls in all of the brands that they sell. You can try each type with different clubs and green conditions. Since these balls already have logos on them, you cannot customize these balls. You can customize other balls that are not in the logo overrun category.