Personalize Your Game with Customized Golf Balls with Pictures

How many pictures do you take in a day? Some studies suggest that over five billion photos are taken all over the world every day with an average person taking 20 a day in the US. No matter how many pictures you take in a day, you have plenty of options when it comes to designing your very own golf ball. You can add any picture to a customized golf ball when designed with the help of MyCustomGolfBall.  

How to Take a Quality Picture  

One of the first steps you can take is whether you’re outside or inside, start snapping photos of random objects or things you find cool. Don't worry about how they look, because you want to get accustomed to taking photos. As your skills improve, think about what you want to capture. Do you prefer waterfalls over vegetation or your pet playing with your grandchild? Get close to the action and take pictures from wide, short, high, and low angles. Light is an important factor that changes your picture. The best light comes at dawn and dusk when the sun is low on the horizon. A flash can help if your area is too dark. The most important thing is to be creative and take as many photos as possible to capture your perfect picture.  

Add Your Picture to Customized Golf Balls 

Before you can start designing your very own golf ball, you want to have a picture in mind. Choose a picture that makes you smile, laugh, motivates you, or has a deeper meaning to it. If you’re designing a golf ball for a gift, think about what makes that person smile. If you need inspiration, the design studio has many pre-loaded images to choose from. 

There is a preview shot in the design studio that shows you what your customized ball will look like. The edge of the picture disappears when it passes the marked boundary. If you need another picture, there is an option to customize both sides of the golf ball. Once you are satisfied with the golf ball, checkout and we’ll do the rest. We'll ship your golf balls in 3 days or less. The fun doesn't have to stop there. Keep designing your own golf ball until you have an entire collection. So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Take the plunge and visit our website today to create your very own MyCustomGolfBall.