Personalized Divot Tools for Golf

Divot tools are a necessary object for every golfer to maintain the green’s integrity. Personalized divot tools for golf make the task even more fun and interactive. Keep the green looking beautiful for every other golfer. Divot tools maintain the green by repairing holes left by the golf ball or golf tee. Fast or unpredicted swings can cause damage to the green by imprinting it. This can cause divots for future golf players. Divot tools can fix damage left by golf clubs. Other divot tool merchants do not offer our personalization services. You’ll always get the best with MyCustomGolfBall.  

Divot To MyCustomGolfBall 

We offer six different varieties of personalized divot tools. There is the Pitchfix Fusion 2.5, Crosshairs, Original, Ptchfix Hybrid 2.0, Hat Trick 6 in 1, and Pitchfix Original 2.0. If you select a Pitchfix divot tool, you’ll be able to customize the tool’s body color and handle. Pitchfix is known for their quality, style, performance and robust craftsmanship. The Hat Trick 6 in 1 easily attaches to your hat for added convivence. Additionally, you can rest your club on the platform. The Crosshair provides secure finger and thumb placement. From this ergonomic perspective, optimal leverage is created for you. Additionally, the angle can draw lines on the golf ball. All of this and more can be found at MyCustomGolfBall.  

When you enter the design studio for the first time, don’t be overwhelmed by the dozens of editing choices. You can choose to add text or an image to any divot tool. There is an instructional video if you have any questions regarding the design studio. Or call our customer service team with any questions you may have regarding the customization process. The hardest part of designing your golf ball is making your design selections. MyCustomGolfBall made everything else easy just for you!