Personalized Golf Ball Markers & Divot Tools

Personalized golf ball markers and divot tools are the perfect gifts for the golfer in your life. Not only are they practical tools that every golfer needs to take care of the green they play on, but they also add a personal touch. Maintaining the green requires a lot of care and patience, and as a fellow golfer, it's important to show that we care about its well-being. By using ball markers and divot tools, we can help extend the lifespan of the green and ensure that it remains in great condition for future rounds. What's even better is that these tools allow us to showcase our personality. So why not give the golfer in your life a thoughtful and unique gift that they can use to show off their style while caring for the green? 

Implementing the Ball Marker and Divot Tool   

Ball markers allow you to mark your ball after your shot. They work best when playing with a large group. Divot tools will prevent future holes or scuff marks on the green. You can leave the green as you found it with the use of a divot tool.  

Divot tools are plastic or metal with two or more prongs. To fix a hole, insert the prongs at a 45-degree angle beyond the edge of the indentation. Avoid pushing the prongs into indentation or it will cause further damage. Hold the divot tool into the ground and work around the sides of the mark. Do not pull up on the divot tool or you will rip the roots. Repairing the green is a common courtesy in golf and prevents long-term problems with the grass.   

Customize Your Tools   

Ball markers and divot tools from MyCustomGolfBall come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are six different divot tool options listed on our website. For ball markers, you can choose a variety of packs and sizes. We also offer gloves that are designed to fit a ball marker in the Velcro. 

The easy process starts in our design studio where you can customize to your desire. The design studio is incredibly easy to use after you watch the instructional video. You will learn the purpose of the available editing tools. Embrace the tradition of courtesy and respect with your own personalized divot tool and ball marker from MyCustomGolfBall!