Personalized Golf Balls Amazon

Do you have a big company event coming up, or perhaps you’re searching for a fun birthday gift for a golfer buddy? MyCustomGolfBall offers a vast selection of golf balls on Amazon that you can personalize to suit your needs. Using personalized golf balls is a fun way to stand out on the green and can even be a good conversation-starter. If you use Amazon for your other online shopping, you can also conveniently customize and order MyCustomGolfBall balls in your same shopping session. With Amazon’s Customize Now feature, you have a variety of personalization options to make your golf balls unique. 

What is Customizable? 

You have the option to add a small photo—make sure to pay attention to Amazon’s instructions and suggestions. Other than that, your photo options are endless. Additionally, you can add some text, as well as change the color and the font type. You can even resize the text or angle it if you are feeling a little adventurous. With all these customizing options, there are plenty of combinations for your personalized golf balls. 

How to Customize on Amazon 

Amazon’s customization tool is intuitive and easy to use. On the product page, you can select the Customize Now button and a window will pop up. This is what you will be using to personalize your golf balls. If you would like, you can upload a photo—this must be under a certain file size, and it cannot be a trademarked image. On the golf ball template, you can drag, move, or resize your image within the imprint area. You can also add some text, but make sure it does not exceed a certain character limit. Once you have added the text, you are free to change the color and the font; Amazon has a handful of options for both. Like the photo, you can resize and move the text. Feel free to adjust the placements of your customizations until you get it right. After that, Amazon and MyCustomGolfBall will take it from there. Now you can show off your personalized golf balls from Amazon at your next golf outing.