Personalized Golf Balls with Logo

Personalized golf balls with logos are a great way to promote your brand, and they can also make fun gifts. These balls come with a name, a message, an image, or a simple logo. If you are a corporation or a business looking to create personalized golf balls to sell your brand, you can do so by imprinting a logo on the surface of the ball.

There are many golfers looking to create personalized golf balls with a logo, so much so that Titleist produces more than half a million balls a day when the season peaks. While there are so many things you can have imprinted on a golf ball, a logo comes in handy for businesses.

How are Personalized Golf Balls with Logo Created?

When you need a logo on your golf balls, the golf company creates a metal plate with your logo on it. The manufacturer uses lasers to create the image on the metal plate so that your logo looks perfect. They then use a special machine to apply ink on the plate, and they wipe off the excess ink so that your logo is clear. The ink will stay on the area where it was applied.

A pad is pressed on the metal plate with the logo and then pressed on the ball to transfer the logo ink onto the ball. The pad stamps need to be placed accurately to ensure that the logo comes off as intended. You can have the logo in any color you want.

If the golf ball has two colors, then two different stamps are needed. After the pad is pressed on the ball, the ink is dried so that it doesn’t spread during packaging and shipping. The process is relatively quick and most of the orders will ship within five days after the customer has customized the balls.

Does the Customer’s Ball Have the Same Features as Other Balls?

Personalized golf balls with logo are the same as other balls, but with your company’s logo instead of the ball brand logo. For instance, instead of Titleist adding their logo on the ball, they add a logo of your liking to help you grow your brand. If you are a businessperson with no logo, your photo can stand in for the logo.

If you opt for Titleist golf balls, you will have the golf balls in a softer and more advanced-cast urethane elastomer. This material enhances greenside spin. There is a faster casing layer that enhances the speed of your ball and a new core that gives you more distance.

The manufacturer offers premium golf ball options, but you can also find beginner ball options to meet your needs. Besides the logo, you can have different ball colors to match your brand colors. Titleist, the biggest producer of custom golf balls, offers colors such as black, red, blue, pink, and green.

Get Personalized Golf Balls with Logo Today

The process of customizing your golf ball is easy and straightforward. All you have to do is pick a color, a golf ball number, and then upload your logo. Personalized golf balls with logos start conversations, so make sure to get yours today!