Personalized Golf Divot Tool

On the golf course, you want to set yourself up for success. After hitting a shot, you notice that there are now marks on the grass. Luckly you can fix the marks with a personalized divot tool from MyCustomGolfBall. The divot tool allows you to repair the green for the person behind you. This increases the green’s longevity and makes golf great for everyone for years to come.  

Purpose of a Divot Tool  

Like a national park, you want to leave the area better than you found it out of respect. For golf, this means picking up your trash and repairing any damage done to the green. Golfers commonly brush the grass with their clubs, leaving scrapes, and when the ball lands on the putting green it can leave an indentation. This can make the green uneven or pull up patches of grass.  

While on the course, it's easy to make repairs with a divot tool. Divot tools are made from plastic or metal with 2 prongs typically. To fix an indentation, insert the prongs at a 45-degree angle beyond the edge of the indentation. Do not push the prongs into indentation or it will cause further damage. Hold the divot tool into the ground and work around the sides of the mark. Do not pull up on the divot tool or you will rip the roots. Repairing the green is a common courtesy in golf and prevents long term problems with the grass.  

Divot Tools from MyCustomGolfBall  

MyCustomGolfBall offers a wide variety of customizable divot tools. We offer six types of divot tools. Some divot tools are even multipurpose, like the Hat Trick 6 –in-1 divot tool. This divot tool features a bottle opener with magnetic cap catcher, magnetic ball marker, club rest, cigar holder, and a can tab opener all in one. The specially crafted Crosshairs divot tool was engineered for comfort and stability when repairing the green. Choose the tool cover and customize the middle logo with your favorite photo or text. The design studio allows you to see your design in action in real-time. No other design studio offers the same options!  

Embrace the tradition of courtesy and wellbeing with your very own personalized divot tool from MyCustomGolfBall!