Personalized Golf Towel with Photo

Have you ever golfed on a hot day and needed to keep cool or wipe off your equipment? A personalized golf towel with a photo can do that and much more. Customized products are blowing up the golf scene and you can be a part of the trend. Show off your pride with a personalized golf towel. MyCustomGolfBall designs the best gear for the golfer in your life. Get started today by designing your very own golf towel.   

Feel the Difference with Our Towels   

MyCustomGolfBall stocks two types of golf towels, one that is 16”x16” and 24”x15”. Our towels are tough on dirt, mud, sand, and grass. Best of all, our towels won’t scratch your golf equipment. Our towels are microfiber and can be personalized with your favorite picture. We use innovative dye technology to make sure the towel retains its personalized image while remaining soft and textile. The 16”x16” towel is equipped with a hook and grommet for even more convivence.   

Customizing Your Golf Towel   

Personalizing your golf towel is incredibly easy in our design studio. When customizing your golf towel, you can upload your own image in the design studio or choose a pre-loaded image from the design studio. Our studio offers the best options of fonts, colors, and customization tools. There are instructional videos to guide you while you’re using the design studio.     

Accessories play an important role in golf, and personalized golf towels have fast become a must-have item for every golfers bag. They are practical, stylish, and customizable, which makes them a popular addition to many golfers bags. When coupled with other essential accessories like gloves, balls, tees, and umbrellas, golfers can be prepared for any condition. At MyCustomGolfball, we offer personalized golf towels with no minimum quantity required.It's your time to add personalized golf towels to your bag and make a stylish statement on the golf course.