Personalized Pro V1 Golf Balls

Seasoned pros can feel the difference in a Titleist ball just by holding it in their hands. The team at Titleist designs their golf balls with optimized performance in mind. As experts in the golf industry, they know how to design their products to enhance every aspect of golf. At MyCustomGolfBall, we offer the same expertise in the customization industry. For over 30 years, we have created personalized designs to enhance golfers' games. The combined technology of Titleist and MyCustomGolfBall makes for an unbeatable duo.  

Join Team Titleist with the Pro V1  

Titleist branded products have been played in more professional tournaments all over the world than any other golf brand. The ability to play in so many tours was accomplished because of the hard work of Titelist’s engineers and designers. They are able to anticipate the needs of any golfer and translate it into golf balls and clubs. Take the Pro V1’s tetrahedral pattern with 338 dimples. After a ball leaves the tee, the air current surrounds itself around the ball. The way a ball is constructed affects how much the air slows it down. If a ball is correctly designed, the air current can actually help a ball stay in the air longer for increased distance and an accurate shot. Titleist golf balls can overcome any weather and course condition with over 2,000 unique dimple patterns.  

Improve Your Game with MyCustomGolfBall  

We take the same care and attention to detail with our designs as Titleist does with their unique dimple patterns. The awe-inspiring qualities of MyCustomGolfBall allows you to create over 2,000 unique designs for your golf ball. There are endless opportunities for you to design a golf ball however you see fit. You can commemorate your latest achievement or design the perfect gift for friends or family.  

Let the anticipation begin after you order your creation and wait for it. Luckily, your order should ship in 3-5 business days to anywhere in the United States. Before long, you can let your new creation shine on the golf course.