Personalized Titleist AVX Golf Balls

Personalized Titleist AVX golf balls are available at MyCustomGolfBall and they are ready for you. Perhaps you’ve been looking for that ball that is in-between. A ball great for long distances but has a softer feel. Thankfully your search is over, the AVX is here for you. Pairing Titleist’s reputation and MyCustomGolfBall’s design process is a no brainer. No one else in the design industry could have thought of a better pair. Get ready to hit the green with your very own personalized Titleist AVX golf ball!  

Understanding the AVX 

It's hard to place the AVX within the Titleist collection. The AVX doesn’t belong with the Pro V1 series or the three or two-piece series like the Tour Speed or Tour Soft. The AVX is a ball that stands entirely on its own for niche golfers. Introduced in 2018, the AVX is supposed to be a middle ground ball for those that prefer the Pro V1 or Pro V1x. The engineers at Titleist focused on three characteristics: flight, spin, and feel. It has a graduated core with a soft center and stiff outer layer. Next, the outer layers are coated with a cast urethane cover. Together, this creates a ball with a soft feel, low spin, and maximizes distance.  

Why Customize with MyCustomGolfBall? 

Bring joy to someone by gifting them personalized Titleist golf balls. Not only are you giving them balls from golf’s most trusted brand, but you can customize them with MyCustomGolfBall’s easy to use design studio. All you have to do is pick out the Titleist balls you want and add text, or an image and our team will do the rest. MyCustomGolfBall offers a wide range of golf ball options to choose from. Whether you prefer distance balls, soft feel balls, or tour-level balls, you can find the perfect ball that suits your game. Personalizing your golf equipment has never been easier than with MyCustomGolfBall! Shop with us today and get back on the course in style!