Personalized Tri Fold Golf Towels

As a golfer, you know that every swing counts. Whether you are practicing for an upcoming tournament or competing with friends on the weekend, having the right equipment can make all the difference. That's why at MyCustomGolfball we offer personalized tri fold golf towels. With our customization options, you can tailor your golf towel to suit your individual needs and preferences.  

Performance for Every Golfer 

When you’re on the golf course, you may need to wipe off your ball or clean your hands. Golf towels are a stylish and functional accessory that’s good to have on hand. Remove any debris from your golf clubs or balls by wiping them off with a towel. Regularly cleaning your golf clubs and balls will maintain their longevity and improve your game. If you purchase snacks when the drink cart drives by, a golf towel can prevent your hands from getting sticky. Sticky hands may affect your game and ruin other equipment.  

How the golf towel is made is crucial to not damaging your equipment. MyCustomGolfBall offers a microfiber towel that doesn’t stain your clothes but maintains its softness. The microfiber towel is tough on stains, sand, grass, and dirt, but won’t scratch your equipment. Of the two golf towel varieties, one is 16”x16” with a hook or 25”x15”. Both sizes will work for any golfer.  

Elite Players and MyCustomGolfBall  

Towels can be easily customized to your liking in MyCustomGolfBall’s design studio. Start off your towel with an unforgettable quote provided by the text feature. Personalize your text by choosing the font, color, font size and style. There are more technical options like horizonal alignment and line spacing. Next, add your photo or a pre-selected image. Changes are made in real-time so it’s easy for you to see the final product. There is so much more when you visit the design studio.