Srixon Golfers

You can stop your search for the best golf brand because Srixon plays at the highest levels of golf. As a company, they hold a great number of golf ball patents. As Srixon golfers, they play at the highest levels of competition. Their best-selling golf balls are the Z-star, Q-star, and Soft Feel series. MyCustomGolfBall stocks the soft feel series, known for their tour-level softness.  

The Srixon Difference  

Soft golf balls allow you to shoot straighter and longer without losing any feel for the ball. Today, Srixon has developed the 13th generation of soft feel golf balls. For slower-swinging golfers, the soft feel golf balls maximize distance with no limitations. The FastLayer core maintains the ball’s stability as it flies throughout the air. The FastLayer core is the softest part of the entire ball. Alongside the FastLAyer, there is the 1.6mm ionomer. The ball gradually transitions to a firm outer edge as you move farther away from the core. This increases the aerodynamic properties of the soft feel series. If you’re a golfer that plays better with soft balls, then the soft feel series is the ball for you.  

Srixon and MyCustomGolfBall  

Pairing MyCustomGolfBall’s years of experience and your imagination, the golf world will never be the same again.  Start brainstorming ideas for what you would like included on your golf ball. Add text or photos to your next creation with our design studio. The studio’s cutting-edge technology allows you to create whatever you can dream of. The only limitations are those in your imagination.  

The world of golf is obsessed with our custom design services and innovative design studio. You can spot a creation from MyCustomGolfBall a mile away. We want our customers to be confident in every golf game with their personalized equipment. It doesn’t matter if you play every day or just on the weekends. Everyone deserves a personal touch at their next golf outing.