Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Are you a golfer looking for a soft, comfortable ball that won't sacrifice distance on the course? Look no further than the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball! This versatile golf ball is made from enhanced Energetic Gradient Growth core technology and its layers of advanced construction come together to give you maximum carry and control. Perfect for players of all skill levels, the Soft Feel offers cushioned feel off every club while delivering increased accuracy with your shot. With innovative spin technologies incorporated into this well-crafted piece of equipment, it can help revolutionize your game as you take on any terrain or condition. 

Soft Feel Series 

Srixon understands that feel matters, that's why they created the soft feel golf ball. You’ll experience a solid and comfortable impact on every swing. The FastLayer Core dramatically reduces long-game sidespin, while the outer layers add resiliency for more ball speed and distance. This ball has a lower drag meaning the ball cuts through air with less resistance for more speed. The reduced drag fights against the wind, so your shots will fly straighter with more accuracy. A higher lift coefficient pushes up on the ball throughout its descent, slowing its fall and forcing it to stay in the air longer for maximized distance.  

Customizing Your Soft Feel Golf Ball  

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