Stand Out with Custom Golf Balls with a Logo

Golf balls are the bread and butter of any golf game. Each player needs a golf ball that suits their needs and playing ability. On the MyCustomGolfBall website, there's a feature that outlines the advantages and disadvantages of each golf ball. We provide golf balls from top brands like Wilson, Pinnacle, TaylorMade, and Callaway. If you prefer Bridgestone golf balls, there is a specific Bridgestone ball selection guide. After you’ve chosen the ball that best suits you, visit the innovative design studio to customize your very own ball. You can add any type of logo to your personal creation.    

Ball Selection Guide   

MyCustomGolfBall takes the mystery out of golf for new players. This handy guide defines golf terminology and describes golf balls. Handicap can tell you a player's ability. Advanced golfers have handicaps around 10 while beginners have handicaps of 21 or more. Ball spin is categorized as low, mid, or high. Low spin is best for distance while high spin has the best control.  

Golf balls are made with different numbers of layers. Typically, the more layers a ball has, the better it will work for an advanced golfer. A ball with 2 layers is best for beginners. Soft golf balls are the most effective for beginners and working on distance. Hard balls are for advanced golfers that are looking for more control. If you need further help with the ball selection guide, the customer service team is happy to help.    

Adding Your Logo to a Golf Ball   

Adding a logo to a golf ball is incredibly easy with MyCustomGolfBall. The first step is to choose your desired golf ball. You can pick from brands like Callaway, Bridgestone, TaylorMade, Titleist and more. Each brand excels in a different field, so you’re sure to find the one that fits your game. Most golf balls can be customized, but some cannot, such as the logo overrun balls. Utilize our easy-to-use design studio and start customizing your own ball with dozens of colors, fonts, and images to pick from.   

With MyCustomGolfBall, adding a logo to a golf ball is quite simple. We have all the necessary tools to create the perfect custom ball for you.