Titleist AVX Personalized Golf Balls

Win your next golf title with Titleist golf balls! You can create personalized golf balls with the Titleist AVX. Titleist is one of the best golf brands on the market and MyCustomGolfBall offers a wide variety. Choose from balls like the Pro v1, Pro v1x, TruFeel, Velocity and much more. The AVX is an award-winning tour ball played by thousands of golfers like you. Titleist balls are known for their speed, distance, and durability. You will crush the competition every time you pick up a Titleist ball.  

Deciphering the Titleist AVX  

The engineers at Titleist started out with a three-piece ball and a cast urethane cover. Covers are first made by melting silicone and pouring it into a mold. Once cooled, the molds are broken apart to shape the final product. There are two types of urethane covers, cast and thermoplastic. Cast covers are more expensive to manufacture because of the labor involved and few golf balls are with cast covers. The advantages of cast urethane covers are that the ball is firmer and has a better feel. Thermoplastic covers don’t offer the same stability.  

After rigorous testing, the AVX passes each of the consistency tests for weight, diameter, and compression. Its remodeled core creates short game control without losing low spin and its soft feel. This allows any golfer to play their best with a Titleist AVX golf ball.  

MyCustomGolfBall and Your Creation  

Add your own image, company logo, or pre-selected design to your desired golf ball. The design studio allows you to visualize what your golf ball will look like. Twist and turn the golf ball until it matches your needs. Perhaps you want to color it blazing green or a mellow yellow. Go ahead and try both colors in the design studio. If you make a mistake or want to change something, hit the delete button and keep designing. Make the ordinary extraordinary with a personalized golf ball. Your next golf game will be filled with color and flair.