Titleist Tour Soft Personalized Golf Balls

You can stop looking for the best golf brand because Titleist plays at the highest levels of golf. Titleist’s Tour Soft personalized golf balls will impress any golfer.  As a company, they only engineer the best equipment for every golfer. Their best-selling golf balls offered at MyCustomGolfBall are the Titleist Tour Soft and the Titleist Tour Soft logo overrun series. The logo overrun series cannot be personalized, but the Tour Soft golf balls can be customized. Get started today designing the best Titleist Tour Soft ball.  

The Best in Show  

Show off at your next golf game with the commanding presence of the Tour Soft series. There are an incredible number of benefits if you decide to play with a soft ball. Greater distance and spin control can be achieved because of its larger core and softer cover. The softer cover allows the ball to be compressed as it travels through the air. To add to that, softer covers allow more energy to be transferred from the swing to the ball. Some hard balls lose a great deal of energy between the swing and initial launch off the tee. You'll have better luck getting out of your next bunker with a soft ball because of the enhanced energy transfer.  

Titleist Tour Soft at MyCustomGolfBall  

Pair MyCustomGolfBall’s years of experience with your imagination and your golf game will never be the same. Our design studio allows you to customize each ball to your liking. 

The only limitations are those in your imagination.