TP5x Personalized Golf Balls

TaylorMade’s TP5x personalized golf balls can be found at MyCustomGolfBall. MyCustomGolfBall offers a customer experience that you can't find anywhere else. We offer golf’s best brands with exceptional design services. You can select from a range of TaylorMade products, such as the TP5x golf ball.   

MyCustomGolfBall’s Specialized Design Process   

MyCustomGolfBall has been offering customized golf products for over 30 years. Choose from our wide selection of golf products to find the best fit for you. Our dedicated customer service team can help you with any questions or concerns. The first step is to choose the golf ball that fits your game. The TP5x is TaylorMade’s longest Tour ball with a 5-layer construction. The stiff layers allow for maximum height and flight.   

Next, you can upload your desired picture and text onto the golf ball. There are instructions on how to upload images from your social media and phone’s photo album. Most golf balls feature one photo, but there are options to have two images on a golf ball. If you can't decide on a photo, you can add text instead. Brainstorm your favorite quote or saying and watch it appear on the golf ball. For both text and images, you can rotate the ball to view your masterpiece from all angles.  After you finish your design, head to the check out and your new set of golf balls will be shipped to you in 3 days or less. You will bring more confidence and excitement to the green with your custom TP5x golf balls from MyCustomGolfBall!