Using a Custom Divot Tool for Marketing

As a golfer, you probably understand what goes into making a great game. One of the parameters is to ensure that you have the right equipment. Apart from the golf club and the golf ball, there are other tools that will come in handy when playing golf. One of these is the divot tool. This small gadget forms an important part of your package as you head over to your favorite golf course. Notably, in the course of your game, you will inevitably be faced with cases where the golf ball causes dents on the course. To help repair these small holes, you will need a divot tool to even out the surface.

Easy-to-Find with Customization

Recent advancement in printing has seen the emergence of custom versions of the products. This means you can simply print your own name or your logo on the surface of the divot tool. To start with, a custom divot tool will mean that you remain unique and this makes it much easier to find your tool even when it gets lost in the course.

Wide Variety of Custom Designs

A custom divot tool can be done in various designs. Whether you want to show your allegiance to a certain club, brand or personality, you can always choose the best design. In fact, a custom divot tool can even bear a motivational message, funny phrase or even a smiley.

Great Promotional Product

Having noted how a divot tool can easily be customized, brands are now taking advantage of this feature to market their products or promote their services. As a marketer or promoter, it is high time you realized that gone are the days when the only promotional items you could use were pens and key holders. Golf is getting increasingly popular by the day and you can take advantage of this fact to market your brand. The best thing about using such golf items that you will be reaching a target market that is more likely to reciprocate and identify with your brand.

Make Your Design Just Right

When printing your name or logo on the divot tool, it is important to ensure that you use the right size and design. You want to get as visible as possible from all angles without ‘shouting’ too much. As such, it is always advisable to go for a good designer and printer who understands the art of marketing using such promotional items.


Are you looking to buy a gift that will be appreciated by your golfer friend, partner or parent? Why not go for a custom divot tool. This tiny tool can make all the difference if you customize it to their name, favorite team, or brand. So instead of simply buying a run-of-the-mill tool, you can always opt for a personalized version of the same. It shows the thought that went into creating that gift, and you can be assured that the receiver will be more than happy to receive it. Make a statement today with a custom divot tool and see the difference it can make.