Bulk Pinnacle Golf Balls

Purchasing Bulk Pinnacle Golf Balls for Cheap

Purchasing golf balls when you want to use them for something big like marketing or gifts can be a hassle if you have to buy them all in smaller packs instead of in bulk. Fortunately, mycustomgolfball.com has an option to let you purchase bulk Pinnacle golf balls. You can use these as a giveaway for those attending your booth at a tradeshow, as pack-in gifts for people who purchase your products, seasonal gifts to your employees, and much more. When buying bulk Pinnacle golf balls, you'll know you're getting a quality golf ball that’s used professionally across the world.

Pinnacle golf balls are meant for skill levels and come in two different types of models. The first Pinnacle ball is the Pinnacle Rush, a ball with a unique dimple design combined with a high energy core that allows for powerful and consistent ball flight every time they are hit. The second Pinnacle ball is the Pinnacle Soft, designed to give a very soft feel with a unique dimple design and soft cover. The feel characteristics combined with the low compression core gives a low spin that creates longer shots. No matter which bulk Pinnacle golf balls you're choosing from, or a mix of the two, you'll be assured that you're getting some of the best quality golf balls around.

For only $5 extra per pack, you can also give your bulk Pinnacle golf balls a unique, custom design that really shows your style or company. Put your name, business, or initials to show who the golf balls really belong to. This can be a great marketing strategy for any business. An artistic feel can also be given by uploading a logo that can be displayed on each golf ball. Getting plain balls or customized, you'll be happy with the service you receive from mycustomgolfball.com.

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