Corporate Golf Balls

Using Corporate Golf Balls for Advertising

Talk of marketing and immediately, focus will shift to conventional methods like print media, social media and television commercials. Let’s face it; the internet is currently one of the most popular ways through which one can advertise. However, this does not mean there aren’t other innovative ways that can be used to market products and brands. This is especially so when you are targeting the local market rather than an international audience. When it comes to ingenious ways to market your products, corporate golf balls top the list.

From time immemorial, businesses have been offering branded gift items with the hope that these will help get their name out there. Common items in this list include pens and key chains. However, these are not too dependable as they are likely to get lost even before they serve their purpose. Pens run out of ink within no time and this means your advertising effort will be short-lived. So why not go for a durable and effective marketing method through custom corporate golf balls? By offering these golf balls as gift items for your business, you can be assured of effective advertising out there.

Classy advertising

One advantage of using corporate gold balls for adverting is that it is classy and will be appreciated by your target audience. Establish your presence by handing out these golf balls at a strategic location thus increasing the chances of people associating with your brand. By packaging them nicely as gifts or discounts for your customers, you’ll not only be keeping them loyal but also getting your brand more popular. You can even get these to members of your staff or employees who may then extend the same to their family members. This is a chain that will ultimately benefit the future prospects of your business.


When contemplating on using custom corporate balls, it’s important that you keep in mind a few pointers. To start with, you’ll want to ensure that your name and logo is clearly inscribed on the ball and can be seen from all angles. This means that you will have to take your time to ensure that the design comes up with simple words or images that will be associated with your brand. Remember, most golfers do not like names or pictures that are too large, so you will need to keep them clean and simple. Ensure that your printer gets all the instructions on how best to position your brand name and logo.

By using corporate golf balls, you will be realizing several positive results, a great advertising tool a great gift and an exciting golf game. Golf is turning out to be a popular game lately and what better way to take advantage of it than through advertising? In fact, you can even organize a golf tournament sponsored by your brand. This will be the perfect way to launch your brand or new product line. So, get moving and use custom corporate golf balls to advertise your business today.

Corporate Golf Balls