Engraved Taylormade Golf Balls

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Engraved TaylorMade Golf Balls Are Effective Golf Tournament Giveaways

A golf tournament is coming up and you have the perfect opportunity to get some brand recognition by handing out some fabulous giveaways. But what good are business giveaways that the golfer throws away? No that’s not the giveaway you want to hand out.

The primary goal of golf tournament gifts is to get a positive impact for the business. If you’re on the planning committee you need to think carefully about your prizes and your giveaways.

Even so, the one giveaway you don't want to skimp on are the engraved TaylorMade golf balls. As a tournament planner you probably want to focus on saving money, but not at the risk of not getting the branding coverage you deserve.

Choose TaylorMade golf Balls over Non-Golf Gifts

Golf tournament players are not into logo pens or coffee cups. Cheap giveaways get a better reception from a corporate show. At a golf tournament a t-shirt will remain hidden in a drawer and a pen will probably go into the trash.

You want to put something in the giveaway bag that they’ll actually use on the golf field or display in the homes, in a place where everyone will see it. Therefore, engraved TaylorMade golf balls make the perfect golfer giveaway.

How to Engrave the Golf Balls?

Most people at a golf tournament are not flashy so you want to keep your logo small and subtle. Golfers prefer small logos or engravings. You want it to be subtle.

Give Engraved TaylorMade Golf Balls in Place of Big Prizes

Most event organizers believe they need to find a big prize to give away. However, the problem with large gifts is that most other players will miss out on the fun. Therefore, golf balls make the perfect gift.

Golf Balls Make Perfect Thank You Gifts

Another reason to consider golf ball giveaways is because they are relatively inexpensive. A good way to try something out of the box and creative is to send all participants from last year’s tournament a Save the Date card with free engraved TaylorMade golf balls. This can be a very memorable gift. Remember, you need to think of your golf gifts as an investment, not an expense. This is a brand investment and can help you make a positive impression on the players.

Engraved Taylormade Golf Balls