Engraved Titleist Golf Balls

Engraved Titleist Golf Balls Make Great Gifts

Golf is one of the most popular sports in America. Over 25 million people enjoy the game, and whether you enjoy the game or not is not the issue of interest today. What we do want to talk about is the opportunity that golfing gives you to put your business in front of the eyes of a huge number of would-be customers. It gives you the perfect opportunity to brand your business when you use engraved titleist golf balls.

What Are Engraved Golf Balls?

Engraved golf balls are promotional items you can give away to customers, offer as a prize for a raffle or even give away at the course. Engraved Titleist golf balls carry your brand, logo, tagline or any combination thereof. These are custom golf balls you can offer as a branding gift at a conference, a show or at any golfing event.

Why Use Engraved Titleist Golf Balls as Giveaways?

Think of it this way. According to Statista, about 12% of all adults play golf. That gives you the opportunity to market to a huge market segment, and probably an area your competitors never thought to use. So having engraved golf balls to give away can help your company stand in a favorable light with potential customers.

When to Give Them Away

Let’s say you have a very special customer, someone you value as a customer. Give them a few engraved Titleist golf balls and they will feel very valued. This lets them know that you value them as your customers.

Another option is to let the local Pro shop give them out. You can offer to set a basket out on the counter and tell the Pro shop employees to allow clients to have a ball. This type of giveaway in the Pro shop will help both you and the golf course look favorable in the eyes of potential customers.

Is there an annual charity golf tournament coming up? You might want to offer the engraved Titleist golf balls as a raffle giveaway, or you could even play Balls from Heaven. In this game, organizers have sold raffle numbers prior to the game. Balls are dropped onto a target and the numbered ball that lands closest to the targeted person wins the raffle prize.

Keep in mind that offering Titleist golf balls may serve as a memento for many players. They will take the ball home, set it on a shelf where they can view the ball and remember the event. It is in displaying the ball that you get a significant branding opportunity.

Let’s Just Say…

Engraved golf balls offer a popular promotional gift. These balls are engraved with your logo and tagline or name. You can use them to promote your business or to offer a well-wished message during a specific event or time of the year.