Personalized Bridgestone Golf Balls

4 Tips on Using Personalized Bridgestone Golf Balls as a Marketing Strategy

Golf as a sport is one of the best competitions for personalized advertising. Due to the sport's ability to advertise major sporting brands have relied on personalized Bridgestone golf balls to increase their visibility. Unlike other sports that rely on uniforms for publicity, golf has limited ways for advertising a brand, but the few ways are arguably more powerful than putting names on costumes.

The following are some of the tips to follow when using personalized Bridgestone golf balls as a marketing strategy.

Your company and the competition theme should complement each other

This is arguably one of the most important tips when branding golf balls for marketing. In the golfing world, competition themes are unique, and sometimes the diversity in the themes dictates the direction you should take when branding the balls.

If the event is purely to raise money for a course, you should display your company — which is on the branded golf balls — as a believer in the course. However, adherence to the theme should not rule out experimentation from your side — as a company.

Understand the tournament demographic

The next important point you should consider while investing personalized Bridgestone golf balls for an event is — the demographics. According to researches — especially on the psychology of marketing — different designs have different results. For example, 21-40 individuals are keen on style, comfort and more importantly how a company portrays strength in its branding.

On the other hand, 21-40 individuals are keen on how a brand portrays its style and longevity. Besides, the older generation is interested in pinpointing how a brand approaches diversity and style. Depending on the tournament demographic, it is possible to capture the audience and market your brand effectively.

Use simple but captive designs

The golf ball is arguably the smallest ball in the world of sports. The ball size means that there is less space for lengthy marketing writings. However, you can borrow a leaf from major companies such as Nike. The major sporting companies are keen on the sign they put on the golf balls. Instead of lengthy and unclear messages, it is possible to design short and precise design — which creates a memorable picture.

Thanks to eagerness by the golfing fans, it is easy to associate a certain golf tournament with your brand — if the design was captivating. However, you should not overdo the design; people are attracted to interesting and straightforward designs.

Carry more personalized Bridgestone golf balls to the event

After the event, golfers and golf fans are keen on documenting memories by buying merchandises. The merchandises, in this case, must resemble the balls that the professional golfers used — for easy marketing. It is, however, important to note that your main goal as a company is to get your brand name to their homes and probably increase your company’s visibility.

Reducing the price tag of the balls is therefore encouraged. With the right branding and packaging, the merchandises can be a source of income and probably one of the ways to earn extra money from an event. However, the decision — either to subsidize the cost of merchandise or not — depends on what the company wants to achieve from the tournament.

Personalized Bridgestone Golf Balls