Personalized Pitchfix Ball Marker

Portable, Inexpensive and Consistent: Personalized Pitchfix Ball Marker

If your company is looking for an inexpensive way to make an impression on the green, the best hole in one novelty item to invest in is a personalized pitchfix ball marker reflecting your logo. These lightweight items will not only save you your quarter, they will demonstrate your decorum when you are up against a stiff competition. Easy to store, compact, and available in large quantities, they’re a simple and effective way to advertise your logo and to ensure your brand is recognized again and again.


Any golfer’s pocket should have a personalized pitchfix ball marker with your logo in it, mixed in with their loose change. Each time they pull out a few nickels, they will be reminded of your company, which could be a great conversation starter if they are on the course with another potential partner. Unlike other bulky novelty items, you can carry these ball markers with you anywhere, and pass them along as tokens of appreciation to just about anyone. You can leave them in conspicuous places for others, and don’t have to worry about them taking up too much room in your storage when you need them for upcoming trade shows and giveaways.


Let’s face it. Most companies don’t have a lot of money to spend on novelty items. Most items just end up getting thrown in the trash, so why not choose an item that is useful to individuals who truly enjoy the sport of golf, and ones that won’t break your company’s advertising budget. A personalized pitchfix ball marker is the perfect addition to your branded logo collection, because it is a unique item that most of your competitors won’t consider offering to their potential and current clients. Granted, these aren’t the types of items you would wrap up for the holidays per se, but they’re perfect for mass distribution, for casual gifts, and for potential distribution if you can partner with your local golf course in a partnership deal.

Constant Advertising

A personalized pitchfix ball marker is a great form of advertising because it is inexpensive, on an item that is useful, is small and can be placed/seen many times throughout a day- all a recipe for recognition and awareness without a new customer even knowing. When a person sees a logo, it will take them three or four times for it to register into their brain. How much better can you get, then for them to see it every time they’re about to sink a put? Employees will display these with joy whenever they hit the links, and they are great for stuffing the bottoms of giveaway baskets that are filled with some of our other great personalized golf accessories.

There are many reasons investing in a customized personalized pitchfix ball marker for your company is a great idea. This inexpensive form of advertising will set your company apart from the rest and keep your marketing budget in the black. They’re portable, useful, and will stand out as your future client stares at it, preparing to sink his winning putt.

Personalized Pitchfix Ball Marker