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MyCustomGolfBall.com is the place to shop for custom designed TaylorMade golf balls. No matter the occasion whether it be a company party, birthday gift, Christmas gift, or just a thoughtful thank you to a loved one, customized TaylorMade golf balls will be a big hit with anyone who enjoys playing golf. TaylorMade has been in the golfing world since 1979 when entrepreneur Gary Adams took out a loan on his home mortgage to start up what has become an industry leader in golfing apparel. Mr. Adams and his three employees got their start by creating the first metal wood which would revolutionize the game of golf completely. TaylorMade continues to be on the cutting edge of golfing technology constantly pushing the frontier in the golfing world. TaylorMade golf balls are no different.

TaylorMade came into the golf ball production world in 1999. TaylorMade had already become the industry leader in golf clubs and decided to challenge the market share Titleist and Pinnacle had in the golf ball market. From the first ball TaylorMade created the top of the line TPX 5, TaylorMade has become one of the most widely played golf balls in the sport. TaylorMade has created a huge selection of golf balls that can fit any golfer's game. Numerous professional golfers play the TPX TaylorMade golf balls and have won multiple PGA tournaments using them.

Golf is a sport that has become incredibly popular in the past few decades due in large part to television coverage of professional tournaments and because of Tiger Woods who by the way plays with a TaylorMade arsenal in his bag. The sport of golf is so versatile because people from every place in the world and age and ability can play it and enjoy it for many years of their lives. Each golf course presents different challenges to golfers which another unique aspect of golf.

Golf can be played year-round as well. If you have a family member or friend who has played golf for years or is just now starting to play the game of golf, consider giving them a dozen customized TaylorMade golf balls. Any unique logo or design can be uploaded into the MyCustomGolfBall.com customizer page which will make the gift even more thought out and appreciated. Go visit MyCustomGolfBall.com and carefully plan out the best gift out there for your family member or friend. TaylorMade golf balls make the perfect choice for that gift.

Taylormade Golf Balls