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4 Wilson Golf Balls to Gift for Your Golfer Friend

When it comes to golf, the golf ball being used has a lot of impact on the game. Use the wrong ball, and you'll have the worst game of your life. Use the right one and you'll own the field with your phenomenal swings. It is not unusual for a golf player to have a different kind of golf balls, especially if there is a different kind of terrain to play. Extra stock is also good when the player loses the ball or if the last impact was on the water. Not to mention that golf balls have a certain lifespan because of the wear and tear.

Gifting a dozen golf balls to a friend who plays the sport is never a bad idea. This is even an easy pick if you yourself are a golf player. But what if you don't know anything about the sport? How will you choose a golf ball that is perfect for your friend? Here are the four Wilson logo golf balls that you can give for your golf friend based on player type.

The Beginner Friend

Mistakes are part of the learning curve, and there would be a lot of that during the first games. If your friend is still starting to play, there is a higher tendency that he or she will lose a lot of balls perfectly. This is normal because a beginner is still grasping the proper ways to play, as well as his or her own playing style. Cheaper balls such as the Wilson logo golf balls Ultra 500 is perfect for improving swing speeds.

The Senior Player

These players are the kind who invested some of their time in the game but are only playing for leisure. Usually, players for this category are older and plays a lot of games with their friends. A golf ball that provides better control in the greens is a good idea. This is where the Wilson logo golf balls Duo Soft Spin shines.

The Average Player

When it comes to the average player, it will boil down to what he or she is practicing now. For average players who are improving their long game, a distant ball such as the Wilson logo golf balls fifty elite is good. And it comes with 50 pieces by 12 packs. This ball also offers a soft feel, so it would not sacrifice the feel over distance.

Golf Balls for Women Players

When you have a female friend who plays golf, balls with lower compression is better as a woman's swing is usually slower. For less driver side spins, the Wilson logo golf balls Duo Soft is a great ball of choice. It offers 29 compressions and is the softest ball Wilson offers.

The Professional Player

A professional player has his or her own type of play style. And because of this, the type of golf ball will depend on your friend's style. Some professionals like a stiffer core which generates more spin. There are also players who favor higher flight over the sacrifice of control and spin. If you are not sure about this, better ask the player for suggestions.