Personalized Golf Ball Marker

Beat the competition with your own personalized golf ball marker. Golf ball markers are necessary for any round of golf. Golf ball markers are used to mark your ball’s position on the green. The most important aspect of a ball marker is that it shouldn’t interfere with the other players or damage the green.

How to Customize Your Personal Ball Marker

MyCustomGolfBall takes great pride in the construction of golf ball markers. We offer poker chip sized golf ball markers that are made with premium ABS plastic with an interior steel metal disc. The steel metal disc acts as a weight so your marker won’t fly off the course. Each poker chip is 1.5 inches in diameter and comes in 11 different colors. The container varieties come with 30 markers. If you prefer, there is a hat magnet ball marker for easy storage and access. When first designing your personalized ball marker, imagine what it could look like. You can add a penguin or lion to represent your favorite sports team. Or add a picture of your family or beloved pet. The fun doesn’t stop there! You can edit each image with filters, brushes, and dizzying effects. If you want to include text, there is space for 17 characters per line for a total of 3 lines.  

Start Designing with MyCustomGolfBall  

Make someone’s day, or your own, with a personalized golf ball marker. Whoever is the lucky recipient, they will be delighted to have a customized golf ball marker from MyCustomGolfBall. There is a wide range of effects that you can manipulate in the design studio. There is a rainbow of colors and dozens of effects to choose from. The design studio can meet every one of your needs. Get started today with a ball marker from MyCustomGolfBall!